Monday, 20 August 2007

Are you the Brighton & Hove £10,000 Stig?

Enough is enough.

I apologise, fellow bus fans, but I feel that I am going to have to remove this blog completely. The stress is beginning to get to me! I feel like the Southern FM £10,000 fugitive a few weeks ago. Except that was just a game and this isn't. Blogs were mentioned in the staff newsletter recently, and strange tales have reached my ears of drivers being disciplined over their blogs. Therefore, I thought that enough is enough. I can't risk my job over an internet blog, however if you head on over to the wraiths blog, I'm sure they'll keep you entertained with tales of B & H. Had a couple of e-mails from management trying to find out who I am, so I'm going to quit whilst I'm ahead.

Feel free to leave me comments and I will, of course, answer any e-mails you care to send, etc.

Thanks for watching and keep in touch!

TBS> xxx